Dinner and Gin

Do you fancy going out to dinner, I will drive?

Its Thursday night so why not, so off we went for my first visit to The Westbrook (Bromham) and what a treat.  Yes it was a bit expensive but that is because we had three courses and gin!

Oh, did I not mention gin?  Well they have a gin menu with 11 good quality gins served up with the various fever tree tonic options and of course accompaniments.

The menu caters for all tastes from the traditional pub grub, various steaks (including rib eye) to something a bit more different.

King ScallopsWe started off with scallops served on a comfit of belly pork and a black pudding fritter with apple and calvados sauce,  and a deconstructed cocktail with lovely home baked warm bread,  followed by cod Florentine and Chicken Ballontine.  The Cod Florentine was very tasty with decent size pieces of fish on a bed of spinach and cheese sauce, served up with baby potatoes.  It was lovely and hot with lots of sauce.  Chicken Ballontine is breast stuffed with chorizo and apricot por
t stuffing then wrapped in Serrano ham and accompanied by a roasted pepper sauce, it did seem a little dry but not wort
hy of a complaint and it was full of flavour.Cod Florentine

Gin, mustn’t forget to mention this, what a fab menu and a great choice to serve any palate.  I try to taste different gins when going out and these were the ones we drank tonight:

Williams Chase Elegant Crisp – apple cider is used and they are harvested in the area, this is also Britain’s only single estate gin – a very pleasant gin.

King of Soho Gin – this is a London gin which is a tribute to Paul Raymond who was known as the King of Soho.  It has a citrus bias and is light and fresh, very drinkable, oh yes did I mention the bottle – it is a work of art and worth purchasing just for that as an added bonus.

Gin Mare Williams Chase Elegant Crip Gin– this gin has been on my radar for a while, simply because it is usually prominent in the duty free shop! It is Spanish and produced in a small fishing village and I have seen a review say that you should let the smoke of burning thyme into the glass, rub a lemon wedge in the glass before filling, serve with rosemary, them and lemon zest – sounds like an adventure to try – stay tuned.

Opihr – this is one of my favourites and one that we have at home.  It is a spicy gin which I serve with Fever tree ginger and cardamom pods.

Almost forgot the dessert – oops.

Well I have the Champagne Rhubarb Crème Brule with was served with the obligatory shortbread biscuit.  I quite liked the rhubarb at the bottom, it added a nice twang but I did think that the brule was a bit too solid – if you get my drift and the top could have been crispier.

The Eton Mess is served in a sundae glass and looked very filling, the strawberries appeared to be either hard or slightly frozen, however it is not really the season for strawberries so perhaps they were just a bit hard.

Cappuccino @GateauThe Cappuccino Gateau was very light and a very good sized portion was served, my dining partners said that it tasted like a light tiramisu and is one to have again.

So that was my first visit, a very pleasant one with great company.  The restaurant area is very tastefully decorated and on the walls are pastel drawings for sale of local landscapes.

The staff are very friendly and attentive, this appears to be also a local watering hole and is a popular place to visit so it is worth booking in advance.


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