So what to do on Mothers Day?  Off we trundled to Longleat using our Tesco Boost vouchers as the cost is about £30 per adult.  Of course on Mothers Day one of you can go free with a voucher – still cheaper via Tesco.

The giraffes were in their pen and not roaming by the feeding stations as the weather is not quite warm enough yet – Sunday was hot!

This time we took my Nissan Juke and decided to avoided the monkeys as I have a rear window wiper which is staple food for the Longleat monkeys.  As we drove past we were not missed as monkeys were climbing all over the cars and dismantling them.

Then in to the deer enclosure, last time we went it was rutting season but they were out and about although the feeding station was not dispensing!  This was good fun to watch as the deer were wallowing in mud and were completely covered head to hoof.  I stopped the car to view some deer eating hay and one walked over to say hello.  What a beauty, no food but I managed to spend quite a while tickling his head and causing a wonderful traffic jam.

Now for the big cats – window up.  The tigers were sitting up high and providing wonderful photo opportunities and when we reached the lions they were all in their pride flat out with twitching ears and tails.  The cheetahs were nowhere to be seen and the wolves were right in the middle so not a good view at all.  We did not see Anna the rescued elephant and the rhinos were also in their yard.

So we parked up and went foraging for food because at the African village the cafe was disgraceful, dirty tables, very little food available (1.30pm) and lacklustre staff.  So off to the rain forest cafe which provides the noises but sadly no longer the water (I wonder why).  After enjoying a very good jacket potato off we trundled to find the lorikeets.

These are funny little parrot like birds which you can feed using nectar pots at a cost of £1 per small helping.  I love this, it is so much fun and very entertaining.  Then off to see the penguins who last time were very poorly and locked away.  They are so funny and very graceful underwater.

It’s worth ducking into the touch pool area to see the rays and we saw one that had been born that very morning.  Now off to the lake to see the sea lions, another highlight and another cost of £1 per pot but great fun.

We didn’t see everything on this visit as time ran away but there was just enough time to see the bats – magnificent and a truly amazing experience.

So loved Longleat – as always – but wish they still did the passport ticket – sadly not.