Bertha needs a water heater

So I pondered a while about this one as last year we did not use the water heater at all.  Most of the washing up was done on site or using a kettle and we did not use Berthas shower.

Time to bite the bullet, I contacted a local guy off the GasSafe register who is LPG trained, told him about the heater and he popped round for a 15min free check.

The heater looked very clean and there were high hopes until I switched on the water – then it sprang a leak, oh dear, what to do?

Options: 1. Buy a new water heater, 2. buy a new heat exchanger 3. do nothing.

Time to Google……

On eBay I found the next model up which will fit everything for £150 with all the fittings. It was second-hand but had been bench tested – so I have ordered it, found out my lovely gas engineer will charge £80 to fit so just waiting for delivery.

Stay tuned…..